Another start to the website!


Another day, another redesign of the web-site.

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Lloyd (one of the S's in S Squared Ranch). Cathy is the other S. Together in 2016 we started a little adventure to transform our hay field into a wildlife exemption.

Or what we call "managed wildlife" (no one else calls it that, so it isn't a "thing"… yet). However, as you will see, we are anything but managers in this world.

The goal was to move from a small money making lifestyle (you don't make a lot of money in hay) to one which was more in tune what we had always wanted: something similar to a wildlife preserve.

The website, although not required by the state of Texas, is my attempt to let the outside world know that we exist and are doing our best to change a little tiny fraction of the world back into one that is amenable to "the little animals".

As for my comment about the website, we had a really professional looking one until the SQL server had "much sad" as the techies would say. In response, we decided to go with PICOCMS which does much of what a traditional CMS does, except without the overhead of a database.